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Mgr. Jana Fúsková, PhD.

Katedra školskej pedagogiky
  • study counsellor responsible for bachelor and masters study programmes
625 (5. poschodie vpravo)
Konzultačné hodiny
tuesday 12:00 - 12:40
friday 12:00 - 13:00

Dr. Jana Fúsková is a social psychologist with a strong focus on early childhood development, education, and parenting (quality of life). Dr. Fúsková holds a Ph.D. in School Pedagogy from Trnava University (TRUNI) and the Institute for Research in Social Communication at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Her dissertation focused on the identification of facilitators and barriers to the deconstruction of gender stereotypes in schools. She also has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care, Comenius University in Nitra. Dr. Fúsková was awarded the Š. Swartz Scholarship for the best doctoral graduates, which allowed her to conduct research at the Institute for Research in Social Communication at the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Her main research interests include early childhood development, quality of life in various family types (both traditional and alternative), and parenting practices and early childhood care. Additionally, she explores minority identity and the impact of social and political barriers on sexual minorities. 

At her position of assistant professor at Trnava University, Dr. Fúsková leads courses in science and research methodology, as well as the psycho-social aspects of education. The courses for Preschool and Elementary School Education teachers she offers include Academic Writing, Philosophy for Children, Pedagogical Communication, Pedagogical and Social Interactions, Educational and Psychological Diagnostics and Pedagogical Research.