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A Vibrant Celebration of Irish Culture: St. Patrick's Day Event at the Department of English Language and Literature


On the 12th of March, the Department of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Education hosted a lively event in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. This day, observed annually on the 17th of March, is a time-honored tradition that pays homage to Irish culture and heritage.

The event unfolded at the Faculty of Education, inviting students and faculty alike to partake in the festivities. Led by the AJaK team under the guidance of Mr. McCauley, the event boasted a rich program that captivated the audience. The highlight of the celebration was the personal visit of His Excellency, Dermot McGauran, the Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland. His presence added a touch of prestige to the occasion, and attendees were given the unique opportunity to engage with a distinguished representative of Irish culture. Students were encouraged to embrace the festive spirit, and the call to wear something green resonated throughout the event.