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Pozývame vás na prednášku prof. Jaroslawa Garu

Existential philosophy of education

Basic representations and assumptions


V piatok 29. 9. 2023 o 9.30 v miestnosti 1P1 PdF TU v Trnave

image-20230925153040-1The author addresses the problem of selected representations of contemporary pedagogical thought with an existential orientation. In this context, the most characteristic concepts of philosophy of education will be discussed (existential “sphere of Between”, existential “discontinuous forms”, existential “movement” and existential “encounter”), which grow out of inspiration from 20th century existential philosophy and its specific perception of the human situation in the surrounding world. Approaching the specific characteristics of these positions, the author points out their original character and specific resolutions of pedagogical thinking and action.


image-20230925153040-2Jarosław Gara, Dr hab., Professor of The Maria Grzegorzewska University. Head of the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Pedagogy and Educational Discourses. Selected monographs: Człowiek i wychowanie. Implikacje pedagogiczne antropologii filozoficznej Maxa Schelera oraz analogie z wybranymi koncepcjami psychologicznymi [The Man and Education. Pedagogical implications of Max Scheler’s philosophical anthropology and analogies with selected psychological concepts] (2007), Pedagogiczne implikacje filozofii dialogu [Pedagogical Implications of the Philosophy of Dialogue] (2008), Od filozoficznych podstaw wychowania do ejdetycznej filozofii wychowania [From Philosophical Bases of Education to the eidetic Philosophy of Education] (2009), Istnienie i wychowanie. Egzystencjalne inspiracje myślenia i działania pedagogicznego [Existence and Education. The existential inspirations of pedagogical thought and activity] (2021). Author of over 100 publications in the field of Philosophy of Education. His scientific interests focus on the problems of philosophical anthropology and pedagogical anthropology, phenomenological, existential and hermeneutical approaches and analyzes of problems in the field of general pedagogy and the theory of education.