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We go green

At KAJL, the climate change and our environment protection are not only topics for polite English conversations. As much as we can and matter, we are taking action. Help us be eco-friendly department. Please,

  • Care for your surroundings – behave in a way which will contribute to a clean, tidy, safe, healthy and friendly environment (classes, corridors, halls and the area in front of the faculty).
  • Promote paperless classes and offices. Save paper by not printing whenever possible. There’s no reason that our communications and your tasks can’t be done electronically.
  • If paper is unavoidable, use recycled paper or recycled-paper products.
  • If printing is necessary (e.g. when submitting your final theses), save paper by printing on both sides of a sheet of paper and use your printer’s eco-mode.
  • Recycle – you are always welcome to use our recycling containers.
  • Say no to plastic goods. Prefer eco-friendly and reusable goods instead.
  • Turn the lights and projectors off in rooms when they’re not in use.
  • Reduce water consumption, e.g. recycle stale water from your drinking bottles to water our flowers.
  • Unplug electronic devices to decrease energy usage around the department.
  • Move by yourself. Right in front of the faculty, you will find a station of shared electro-bikes. Do not hesitate to use them for free. 😊
  • Share with us your tips for lower consumption of water, electricity, paper and the environment-friendly waste collection.wgg