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Martin Dojčár
21. 11. 2023

Facing Cultural Diversity : Uruguayan & Central European Experience


The international colloquium is held under the auspices of the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic Mr. Rastislav Hindický.


The different historical experiences of dealing with cultural diversity in Uruguay and Central European Slovakia are approached as a source of mutual learning for teaching and research professionals from both regions. Two areas of common interest will be addressed in the context of the social and cultural background of our higher education systems:

  1. Similarities and differences in the cultures of Slovakia and Uruguay
  2. How interculturalism is implemented in our higher education systems?
  3. How our common historical heritage of Jesuit education helps to deal with intercultural challenges?


Universidad Católica del Uruguay I Instituto de Sociedad y Religión

Trnava University I Faculty of Education I Faculty of Theology

Date & Place

December 5, 2023 I 3 p.m. I Av. 8 de Octubre 2738, Montevideo, Uruguay


Opening address – Julio Fernández Techera, SI | President UCU

Opening address – Miloš Lichner, SI | Vicepresident TU

Religious Diversity in Uruguay – Néstor Da Costa

Religious Diversity in Slovakia – Martin Dojčár

The Consolidation of the Secular State in Uruguay – Carolina Greising

Depth and Dialogue as the Basis of Jesuit Education and a Tool for Intercultural Outreach – Rastislav Nemec

UCU Student Diversity – Gustavo Monzón

Synod Outcomes on Cultural Diversity – Miloš Lichner

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MgA. Štefan Blažo, PhD.