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Scientific and Research Profile of the Department

Scientific and Research Profile of the Department

The University of Trnava is a research university that emphasizes the scientific research activities of its departments. Research is therefore an integral part of the work at KAJL. All our teachers are active researchers and continuously incorporate the latest research results into their teaching so that our students have the latest knowledge at their disposal.

Main areas of research:

1) Selected aspects of theory and practice in teaching English as a foreign language

  • Digital transformation of English language teaching, intelligent tools for foreign language education
  • Innovations in methods of assessing and testing the foreign language competence of English language learners
  • Bilingual education and integrated English language teaching (CLIL)  
  • Initial English language acquisition in pre-primary and primary education
  • The status and roles of literature in modern foreign language education
  • Selected aspects of the development of learners' intercultural competence

2) Applied linguistics

  • digital transformation in English linguistic research
  • selected issues in applied linguistics with focus computational linguistics, pragmatic linguistics, sociolinguistics and translational studies

3) Anglophone literatures and cultures


KAJL staff are involved in a number of research and educational and cultural projects (see section "Projects"), the results of which are regularly presented at international events (see section "Conferences"). KAJL itself organises two international scientific conferences annually:

  • Language, Literature and Culture in Education   
  • Súčasné výzvy vo vyučovaní jazykov: Ako ďalej?