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  1. Studying at KAJL
  2. The main advantages of studying at KAJL
  3. Scientific and research activities
  4. Life outside the classroom


Studying at KAJL

The basic mission of the Department of English Language and Literature (hereinafter referred to as KAJL) is to provide quality higher education in the following accredited study programmes:

  1. English Language and Anglophone Cultures - Bc., Mgr., full-time

graduate: cultural mediator, intercultural assistant, tourism operative, translator from/into EN

  1. English language teaching (single subject) - Bc., Mgr. , full-time

graduate: qualified teacher of English language and literature for all types and levels of schools and educational institutions - including language schools, school clubs, kindergartens and pensioners' clubs

  1. English language teaching (combined) - Bc., Mgr., full-time

       graduate: qualified teacher of English language and literature and other subjects for lower secondary classes and secondary schools

  1. Theory of Language and Literature Education - PhD., full-time and part-time

       graduate: independent researcher, university lecturer in the field of language and literary education

As part of continuing teacher education, we provide:

  • Extension Study of English Language and Literature (2 years)
  • Complementary pedagogical studies - subjects of didactics of English language and literature (2 years)
  • 1st and 2nd level attestations for teachers of English
  • Rigorous proceedings

           - PaedDr - Teacher of English language and literature

           - PhDr. - English language and Anglophone cultures

  • Postgraduate teacher-training courses
  • according to the current offer


The main advantages of studying at KAJL

  • Teaching is provided by an international team of university teachers composed of experienced and highly qualified experts and young enthusiastic colleagues.
  • Our students come from different countries (in the academic year 2022/23 we have students from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Egypt) who bring their different academic experiences and contribute to the creation of an international learning community.
  • We provide a flexible study in a combined form (most of our courses can be taken in-person and/or via MOODLE and MS Teams platforms), which reduces the time physically spent at school, thus saving students money on transport and accommodation.
  • A wide range of compulsory and elective courses allows students to tailor the content of their studies to their preferences and interests.
  • Students have access to a wide range of modern learning resources, many of which are electronic (electronic textbooks and scripts, lecture recordings, audio textbooks, online quizzes, interactive resources, etc.) and freely available online, which significantly reduces the financial cost of studying.
  • We work with the latest educational technologies (language learning apps, corpora, intelligent learning tools), which we also test and study with our students within running research projects.
  • We offer our students a wide range of international activities (e.g. excursions to English-speaking countries, mobility to foreign universities, and participation in international scientific events).

Detailed information about KAJL's pedagogical activities can be found here.

Scientific and research activities

The University of Trnava is a research university that emphasizes the scientific research activities of its departments. Thus, research is an integral part of the work at KAJL (see section Science and Research). All our teachers are active researchers, and they continuously integrate their latest research results into their teaching to ensure that our students have the latest knowledge. KAJL staff present their research results at international events, and KAJL itself organises two international scientific conferences each year:

  • Language, Literature and Culture in Education
  • Contemporary challenges in language teaching: What next?

Students are also purposefully involved in research, enabling them to gain deeper knowledge and develop their own analytical and research skills needed for future careers, whether in teaching practice, the language industry or postgraduate study. There are currently two student research groups working in the department:

  • CALL Club (CALL = Computer-assisted language learning)
  • Translatology Circle

Life outside the classroom

To make our academic life more enjoyable, KAJL students and teachers regularly organize several social events:

  • St Patrick's Day (in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Ireland)
  • European Day of Languages (in cooperation with the European Centre for Modern Languages in Graz)
  • Awesome University Scavenger Hunt (dating event for 1st-year students)
  • Science and Technology Week
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

At KAJL, climate change and protecting our environment are not just topics for polite English conversation. We have announced the We Go Green initiative and with the support of our students, we are striving to be a Green Department.