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Stránka sa načítava, prosím čakajte…

Dátum: 11. 3. 2021, minulý rok

Dear students, friends, and visitors at KAJL,


this year’s St Patrick’s day event will take place online via MS Teams on 16 March at 1030am – 1300pm.

You need to join via the following attendee link – Join conversation. Anyone with the attendee link can attend the event.


There will be a personal address from the Irish Ambassador Hilda O’Riain.


This year’s program will include Irish music, presentations, quiz, poetry, green food contest, face painting, green costume contest.

How can students get involved:

  1. Share photographs of your green food via MS Teams in the chatbox.
  2. Share photographs of your green costume and make up/face painting via MS Teams in the chatbox.


Come along and join the fun.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Aaron Mc Cauley