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Date: 18. 8. 2017, five years ago, updated: 16. 5. 2019, three years ago

Our website, like almost any other recent website, uses cookies. The European Union has issued a law requiring every website operator who uses cookies to draw attention to this fact of their visitors.

By using cookies, there is no violation of our law number 122/2013 of the codex. We do not collect personal information nor provide them to intermediaries or third parties.

By viewing our website, each visitor agrees to use and store cookies on his device. If the visitor does not agree with the use of cookies, he may delete all cookies on its device and set their browser to not store them. However, if he disables them, we cannot guarantee the full functionality of our web (some features may not work properly).

Definition of cookies

Cookies are small text files stored by user’s web browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera…) on the computer or other device with internet access, smartphone or tablet – the end device.

Those files allow the website visitors to easily and quickly get personalized content whenever they return to previously visited websites. Cookies information is only accessible to the website that created it. Cookies stored on the end device do not contain any executable code elements.

Learn more about cookies at the following websites:

Using cookies

We use cookies to maintain the session and to store the information related to the session (for example, to keep the information about confirming that you have acknowledged the use of cookies with the “Confirm” button so we do not have to bother you with this announcement for the next 24 hours). We do not collect any information to identify you.

You can find embedded content from other sites on our website, so third-party cookies that are not under our control may be created while using our website. This is the case, for example, if you are viewing a video from the YouTube portal, or the page contains a social module (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…). If you want to know how these third parties use cookies, read the privacy policy and the use of cookies by these services (e.g. on their webpages).

Option to change and/or remove cookies

Everyone on your device can control the storage of cookies on the device. If cookies are allowed (which is the default action in most internet browsers), the user can add, edit or delete them as needed.

Each internet browser offers tools for managing and setting cookies. The pre­‑installed setting for most browsers is that they allow you to store cookies for all websites (pages). For more information about cookies settings in your browser, you need to visit the pages of a specific browser manufacturer.