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Department of Art Education

Mission Statement

The Department of Art Education is a specialized university working place for art pedagogy and its theories. The main goal of the study is a critical reflection of the contemporary world and current social changes through visual arts. Department’s open­‑minded atmosphere provides not only the present­‑day different views and a wide spectrum of cultural values, but a geographical openness, as well.

The program is focused on visual art experiments on behalf of art education, museum education and cultural management, art pedagogy and didactics for primary and secondary schools, as well as art therapy. The Department of Art Education has gained accreditation for the bachelor’s degree (Bc.) in the undergraduate three­‑years study program Education of Art as a major, or in the combination with English language, Slovak language, History, Biology, History or Mathematics. The master’s degree (Mgr.) is also designed either as a major under the title Visual Arts Pedagogy, or in the combination with English language, Slovak language, History or Biology.

Our department is a unique place of its kind in Slovakia because of the intensive concern to experimentation, interdisciplinarity and practical training. Our goal is to deepen students’ understanding of the intellectual and technical tasks of art pedagogy at schools and of innovative museum education combined with managerial skills. The application of the knowledge we see not only in Slovakia but EU and beyond.