Department of Art Education
Department of Biology (only in Slovak)
Department of Educational Studies (only in Slovak)
Department of English Language and Literature
Department of German Language and Literature (only in Slovak)
Department of Chemistry (only in Slovak)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Department of School Education
Department of Slovak Language and Literature (only in Slovak)

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22. 2. 2019, this year

7. 11. 2018, last year

22. 8. 2018, last year

7. 3. 2018, last year, updated: 21. 3. 2018, last year

A huge thank you to: all KAJL students who organized and prepared our little celebration; her Excellency…read more »

17. 3. 2018, last year

It is our great honour and pleasure to announce that our department is about to start a new inspiring…read more »