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Stránka sa načítava, prosím čakajte…

Dátum: 7. 3. 2018, minulý týždeň



A huge thank you to:

  • all KAJL students who organized and prepared our little celebration;
  • her Excellency Ó Riain who was our marvellous, easy­‑to­‑have and most special guest;
  • to Graeme and Katka who made us feel very Irish by their beautiful playing and singing;
  • our great vice­‑rector Viera and very effective vice­‑deans Dana and Milan who provided their support and invaluable help;
  • our exceptionally strict and objective jury (Vierka, Juraj, Milan, Anton) for choosing the best food and best costumes;
  • charming ladies from Raabe and FLP (Foreign Language Publications) for their workshops, textbooks/magazines exhibitions and gifts they gave to the ruffle;
  • all students and guests who came in green and who bravely tried all green drinks and food;
  • and to Michal in the creepiest reddest wig possible who conducted everything to perfection!

Happy St Patrick’s Day and see you next year!