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Information for Students

12. 5. 2017, before last week

West Virginia University, John D. Rockefeller IV School of Policy and Politics, Department of Public…read more »

17. 11. 2016, last year

  Summer School on Intellectual Property The University of Bonn invites graduate and postgraduate students…read more »

5. 3. 2015, before last year

Prague Summer Schools are seven-day academic programs designed to bring together undergraduate and graduate…read more »

27. 2. 2015, before last year

CALL FOR PAPERS May 15, 2015 Prague, Czech Republic (The House of National Minorities, Vocelova 602…read more »

19. 2. 2015, before last year

Dear Academic Workers, Dear PhD students.   Following the success of the CER 2014 (issue II.) you are…read more »

1. 12. 2014, three years ago

It is our pleasure to announce the Université Catholique de Lille’s 15th European Summer Program and…read more »


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